Rainbow Grip Pro-Tech for Jr. Handles (3 Grips)

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Rite Grip™ is a revolutionary tennis overgrip that could be considered the Swiss Army Knife of overgrips. Patented and created by teaching professionals with a primary focus to help players learn and maintain the proper grip positions. When Rite Grip™ is wrapped you will find that the colors of the design line up along the bevels, helping players identify where their knuckles are supposed to align. Our first model when wrapped turns into the USA flag with 50 stars. The Rainbow Grip when wrapped has all 8 bevels showing different colors. Rite Grip feels and plays like a top tier grip and has proven to be more durable than most competitors.


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Functional – The design element of Rite Grip™ (patent pending) is not only esthetically pleasing but serves a functional purpose. Each player’s index knuckle, if lined up with the colored bevels, helps identify a particular grip (continental, eastern, semi-western etc.)

Wrapping Guide – Wrap your racquet consistently each time by following the Wrap Guide™ (patent pending). This way you will never have to deal with the inconsistent feel like you do when wrapping ordinary grips.

Performance – Rite Grip™ has multi-layer technology for sweat absorption, an extra soft feel, and ultimate control.

Educational – Rite Grip™ can be used as an education tool for all ages and ability levels. It teaches you how to wrap a racquet correctly and the proper grip positions.

Signature Design – Rainbow Grip design. All 8 bevels have different colors of the rainbow.



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